King Arthur Pendragon RPG

My memories a sad day!

Christmas has never been the same!

By the time KAP 4th came out I was having personal issues it would soon turn out to be a sad christmas this year though we had a christmas dinner cooked and presents under the tree it was not a happy time for me nor my dad!

His dad my grandfather who I played the Pendragon game with died! On December 25th 1999 he passed away! Me and my grandmother tried playing it with out grandpa to entertain her but she missed him in tears would come in her eyes a short time later she had a stroke from the stress and my Aunt put her in a home!

Things would get worse during our churches new years party of praying in the new year my mom suffered a stoke feel and hit her elbow on the piano bench she was taken to the hospital, we would later find out that her diabetes had gotten worse and eventually it would cost her in more ways then one! She lost the use of her legs due to diabetic neuropathy and would suffer from it for the next 14 years! It was left to me to look after her with dad helping out when he was not working!

At this point I was determined to play by my self while looking after mom!



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