King Arthur Pendragon RPG

Character Updates

The Knights

First the current KAP year that ended was 513 AD!

When we last saw Sir Adolphus (played by Jimmell Akers), he had just inherited his fathers castle that he needs to desperately fix up, he needs to play through the adventure of Wormegay Castle (Gay in this game means happy by the way). King Farion has ordered him to fix his castle and dig in to buy him some time,, so Sir Adolphus is spending the winter in his castle, and is playing through his castle adventure for his winter phase solo getting his castle ready for the coming winter!

Sir Miles (Played by Chris Z) was courting the beautiful Ahvielle Alarch ferch Amren and is currently courting her at her estate of Stoneleigh and thus he is spending the winter phase on a lovers solo Adventure!

Mean while King Farion (Played by Earl C. Hedges Jr). rallies his knights and prepares for war this winter next spring he will make a surprise strike on Bulith with Sir Fritz Roy (Played by Earl C. Hedges Jr) and Sir Darrow (Played by Darrell Newman). they will be taking back the Kingdom of Bulith. in the Adventure of The Bulith War helping their King, Tathal. The King of Bulith, Tathal , is an information source for the player knights, who are fighting his cause!

Duke Morvid of Gloucester had to retreat into the Kingdom of gold after The Duke Galantis of Clarence Invaded his lands with King Arthur Pendragon The City was besieged and the inhabitants fled leaving behind only a small garrison to hold arthur at bay while the woman children and knights retreated only the Soldiers were left behind with archers!

The Clarence/Gloucester War
The constant war between the rival dukedoms
of Clarence and Gloucester is a result
of the author’s own campaign and research.
It arose from three motivations:

1. A Game Need
I wanted to have a place where mercenaries
and adventurers could always find
work. It is a place where player groups
can always go if they have no other events
of interest available. It also serves to illustrate
the types of war which Arthur has, or
allows, in his kingdom. In early days it is
savage and unbridled. Later, only chivalrous
battles take place.

2. Humor
The constant war gets pretty ridiculous
after a while. The constant need for good
knights gives the gamemaster a chance to
make up various excuses and extravagant
promises which recruiters use to coax men
for their battles. It often ends up to be rival
recruiters promising each others’ lands to
those who will join them.

3. Confusion
I had a terrible time trying to figure out
where Clarence was, or might be. I was
also confused about what the status of
Gloucester was, or could have been. When
I finally learned that the dukes of Clarence
and Gloucester both held the territory
which, in Pendragon is called Clarence and
Gloucester, I finally understood where
this constant war came from: my own confusion their!



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