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This board tells the story of the Delacy (Hedges) family, and their story in the shadow of the Great Pendragon Legacy. The story follows The Great Pendragon Campaign in the Pendragon RPG During The Boy King Period when Arthur becomes King.

This Story takes place in the Land known as the Circle of Gold within the Herefordshire area Known as Ergyng of Cambria on the map, War has begun the 13 Kings of Cambria Refuse to Accept Arthur as King and Overlord. So Arthur has Killed the 13 Kings…………………………………………..!

Many of their sons have been taken captive by Merlin the Magician who held the Kingdoms in a glamored state kidnapping them away from their lands so Arthur could rule.

However, one of their sons a Prince Farion Delacy was not susceptible to this glamour and has now been crowned King of The Kingdom of Gold and now unites the Northerners of Cambria against their new oppressive overlord with his fellow knights of Logras civil war for the crown of Britain has begun within the Cambrian Mountains and everyone wonders who will win King Arthur or King Farion this is a chance for players to decide who they will fight for!

This is The Cambrian War Era of My Great Pendragon Campaign!

The Kingdom of Gold is Known as Ergvng it lies in the center of the forest of Dean

#it’s Entrance is here Click on The Link Below
The Entrance To The Land Of The Circle Of Gold

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